The one thing that matters most is the eternal destiny of every person on Earth.

Every person must know Christ as their Lord and Savior to avoid a literal Hell.

As a fish was made for water and a bird for the air a Christian is made for evangelism.

Why am I here? Why am I in the community that I live in? Why am I in the job that I have? Why am I in the classroom that I am in?

Where we are is not by chance or coincidence… God placed us there to do the will and work of the Father.

We have been strategically placed by God where we are to do the will and work of the Father.

We live among people who desperately need Jesus and we say nothing.

Only Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him transforms lives.

Being an American doesn’t make you a Christian… only a relationship with Jesus makes you a Christian.

Only one life will soon be past… only what’s dons for Christ will last.

The work of evangelism is not limited to a few but is for everyone to be involved in.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie from John 4:31-38

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