• Eddie Honeycutt
  • Series:
  • John 2:1-11

In our culture there is no good reason for consuming alcohol.

Alcohol destroys lives, families and is destroying our culture.

Alcohol is dangerous and deceptive.

Jesus plan for our life is to enhance our pleasure not decrease our pleasure.

Jesus intends for us to enjoy life.

Jesus likes to have a good time & He likes us to have a good time. He is not a cosmic killjoy.

Jesus instantly turned the water into wine; not just any wine but the best wine.

Jesus saw a need and met the need.

Miracles meet practical needs.

Jesus burst onto the scene by turning water into wine. At the very sound of His spoken word He can change ordinary water into wine.

Jesus takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary!

Jesus does a transforming work in our life everyday.

Jesus is not just a family member or a man with followers He is the Master.

Thank God for the first miracle which would launch a ministry that would change the world.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on John 2:1-11


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