There is purpose and meaning in everything Jesus does.

If you were asked who Jesus was what would you say?

Jesus was a man but He is God

The temple and the church is influenced more by cultural norms than Scriptural mandates and that angers Jesus.

Our activities and programs can not become habit and ritual.

We give and pray and learn and serve as an act of worship to a Holy God.

When we gather to worship we need to remember that we are in the presence of a Holy God.

Jesus is God and He proves He’s God in the resurrection.

A relationship with Christ is not just believing fact about Christ. It’s an experience and relationship with Christ.

Jesus Christ knows us inside and out.

We can play religious games with people but Jesus knows us for who we really are.

He knows everything about us.

Jesus is more interested in our heart than in our actions.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on John 2:13-25

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