We need to prepare our hearts their week to hear the greatest story ever told.

We need to prepare our hearts to welcome again the Savior of the world.

Mary is the first to receive the announcement that the Messiah…the Son of God… the Savior of the world is coming.

Angels are real. Angels are present. Angels are at work in the world.

A fourteen year old girl named Mary receives the greatest announcement in all the world.

Our joy is not in a holiday but in a Savior who is Christ the Lord.

We should have joy and understand that God is with us. We are highly favored by God. God is in us and God is with us.

Mary was the least likely to be chosen by God but being the least likely made her the best choice.

God does the most extraordinary thing through the least likely person and in the least likely of ways.

It’s not about us but it’s about Him doing through us the amazing.

A virgin birth is not possible but it is possible with God. For with God nothing is impossible!

God does whatever He chooses. He uses whoever He wants to use. We are just tools in the carpenters hands.

We are the reason for the season. We are the reason He came into the world for because of His love for us He came and served and loved and sacrificed and died and rose again. We are the reason for the season.

What could God do in our world today with believers surrendered to the will of God?

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Luke 1:26-38

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