In every area of life and in every area of relationship God has a perfect plan.

In our culture less than half of marriages will reach their 20th anniversary.

In the beginning God had a plan for marriage.

No matter what you’ve been through remember God loves you.

Let’s strive as the body of Christ to have homes, marriages and relationships which honor God and proclaim His glory in our communities and around the world.

Marriage is an institution designed by God.

Gods pattern for marriage is one man one woman for a lifetime.

A Christian home is a privilege and a blessing.

Marriage is a covenant made with God.

We need God in our marriages and without Him we will not make it.

Marriage is a commitment made before God.

Marriage is not the churches idea or the culture. Marriage is God’s idea.

Marriage is not always easy or comfortable but with Gods help it is possible.

We can make a difference in our church, our community and our world through Godly marriages.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Mark 10:6-9