• Eddie Honeycutt
  • Series:
  • John 4:16-26

Jesus brings life changing, life transforming water which only comes from Him.

We try to mask our sin and our pain and our burden and our brokenness but Christ sees through our masks.

The Samaritan woman felt about as low as a woman could feel. Her sense of self worth was at an all time low.

We are all broken and in need of a Savior.

All of us our broken. All of us need Christ in our lives.

We try to get through life on our own but Christ is the only one who can get us through.

We won’t receive the help we need until we acknowledge the help we need.

We are broken but we don’t have to stay broken!

The place of worship is not the matter but a place of worship does matter.

Salvation comes through the Jews…through the family of David… through the Messiah who is Jesus Christ.

It’s not about how you worship but who you worship.

Worship must be genuine and from the heart.

It is not about me but about Christ.

It’s about a King who loves me…who dies for me…who liberates me from my sin.

Jesus Christ is the chain breaker.

May each of us experience Christ and be set free. It’s our choice. Will you experience Christ today?

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on John 4:16-26