The believers life is a battle.

We know what we should be and we are not.

Some of the wars raging within our hearts our: pride, prejudice, practice of our faith, problem of our tongue.

Where there is people there is conflict.

We desperately need God to be on the throne of our lives.

We need God to enable us to live out a life that pleases God.

It is not about me it is all about God.

It’s not hard to be a Christian on Sunday but it is hard to live out our faith Monday-Saturday.

We are created in God’s image to worship Him.

We are window shoppers in a world filled with sin.

Our universe has a center and it’s not you or me. The center of the universe is God.

When God is on the throne of our life everything else will take its proper place.

Whoever wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

God didn’t make us believers to fit in He made us believers to stand out.

We are not here to be like them we are here to be like Him.

God desires a loving, intimate relationship with us.

But He gives more grace!

He will never stop loving us!

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on James 4:1-6 “Winning The War Within”

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