Watch Your Step!

If left unchecked, sin will grow worse and worse.

Six Fold Digression of Sin: Futility of Mind, Darkened in Understanding, Hardness of Heart, Past Feeling, Given Over to Sensuality, & Work all uncleanness with greediness.

When we skip our prayer time and don’t read our Bible we are beginning down a path which will take us where we do not want to go.

Right and wrong go away when we stop listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

A common phrase of people who have given themselves up to sin is, “judge not”.

As Christians we are called to judge those who claim the name of Christ but live as unbelievers. It is in love that we call people to repentance and return to Christ.

Today is your check! Will you ignore the leading of the Holy Spirit or will you submit and surrender your life to Him?


Jesus Christ is waiting with open arms to welcome you back.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the six fold digression of sin if you repent and return to Christ He will welcome you with open arms.

Christ can heal you of any addiction. Christ can restore your marriage. Christ can fix your reputation. Christ can save your children. Christ can turn your house into a place that is warm and exalting the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ can do the miraculous BUT we have to bow our knee to Him.

Will you bow your need to Christ?

Quotes by Pastor T Welch on Ephesians 4:17-20