Every member in the body of Christ matters.

God placed each of us in the church.

God has a plan and purpose for every single member of the body of Christ.

There is no place of insignificance in the church.

We are all placed in our church to minister to one another.

God gives us gifts, abilities and talents to be used in the church.

Just wait God’s not finished yet.

There is no place for independence in the church.

Every member is dependent on the body. The body is dependent on every member.

We need one another.

You and I are the church. We are the church wherever we are.

It’s not what we are alone. It’s what we are together that makes us powerful.

There is no place for inconsistency in the church.

We need one another

We never realize how much we need one another than when we need one another.

When one member suffers we all suffer together.

Every member matters!

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 Understanding My Role In The Church

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