Christ came to bring peace.

One of the greatest needs of our culture is peace.

The person of peace is Jesus Christ, Himself.

When Jesus comes into our lives He brings peace.

Jesus is the only true source of peace.

Jesus can take care of our bitterness, division and struggle.

How do we break down the walls that divide us?

We will never be at peace with one another until we are at peace with God.

The provision of our peace is the death of Christ.

Christ died in our place to give us peace.

The procurement of our peace: the cross.

Jesus death on the cross brought man and God back together.

We can experience the peace and presence of God right now by believing in Jesus Christ.

How many of us are really content?

It is possible for all of us to live in peace because we have been reconciled to God.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Ephesians 2:14-18 “The Results of a Relationship with Christ”

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