Is it the great commission or is it the great omission?

1.9 billion people have never heard the name of Jesus.

The power of the Church to accomplish the Great Commission comes from the Holy Spirit.

We are here for a reason.

We are here on this Earth to gossip the Gospel to everyone we meet.

Jesus saved all of us to be on mission for Him.

Every single one of us is to be on mission for Jesus.

When we are saved we are filled with the Holy Spirit and we are filled with all of the Holy Spirit that we need.

The church is not lacking in power we are lacking in submission to the power in our church.

We shall be God’s witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

We have the life giving message of Jesus Christ to share with a world in need.

How many people talk to others about the weather, sports and family but how few take time to talk about Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the one that matters most!

We must be on mission for Jesus!

We must pray, give and go!

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Acts 1:8