Elijah’s purpose was to teach Elisha to follow God.

The same God who led Elijah is the same God who has a plan for our lives.

God has a plan for each of our lives.

We are called to follow God faithfully and obediently.

There was a desire in the life of Elijah to follow God.

We desperately need to follow God.

Our families, neighbors, co-workers and people in our community desperately need us to follow God.

One day in time is all we can handle when it comes to know Gods plan.

God was working out His plan: moment by moment, day by day in the life of Elijah.

It is about the power of God in the life of an individual.

God can do what needs to be done in our life if we would but be faithful to God.

No one is where they are by chance or coincidence.

God has so orchestrated our lives and placed us where He wants us.

God saved us to serve Him.

God make us what we need to be that we may effectively follow God.

One day Jesus will return and solve everyone of our problems.

Elijah went up and Elisha went on.

God is at work and He is up to something spectacular.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on 2 Kings 2:1-15 “ The Desires of a True Servants Heart”