Every child of God is called to serve.

Every child of God is equipped to serve.

Every child of God is expected to serve.

We must honestly appraise God’s gifts.

We are called to serve in humility.

It easier for us to evaluate others than it is for us to evaluate ourselves.

You and I are special to God. We are special because we are Gods creation.

We are not a mistake. We are a perfect creation of God.

Everything we are and everything we do is a result of God working in and through us.

We must humbly appreciate Gods gifts.

Every person matters to God.

Every person has been given gifts to be used to further God’s Kingdom.

We are called to serve in harmony.

Every Christian is united in Christ.

The body of Christ needs every part working to operate effectively.

Every single part in the body of Christ matters.

Every person has a purpose.

Every Christian is unique in Christ.

We spend too much time talking about what we can’t do. We need to spend more time talking about what God has gifted us to do.

It’s not about what I can’t do but about what I can do to further the body of Christ.

Every Christian is useful in Christ.

Examples of gifts Christians have: preaching, ministering to needs, teaching, exhorting, giving, leading, showing mercy.

How has God gifted you? How are you using your gifts to grow the Kingdom of God?

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Romans 12:3-8 on The Call to Christian Service

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