What is the most important thing we have to leave our families?

The most important thing we leave behind for the next generation is our faith.

The Word of God is always true and always current.

The truth of the Word of God never changes.

We need to be changed by the truth of the Word of God.

Men must be sober, reverent, temperate, sound in faith, in love and in patience.

Men, we need to be the same everywhere people see us.

Men need to be stable and not overly influenced by the events of everyday life.

Our culture needs men faithful in every area of their life. Men who are faithful to God, their wife, their children, their job and their community.

Men need to be stable, faithful, loving and patient.

Women, need to be reverent in behavior, not slanders, not given to much wine and a teacher of good things.

Older women are to be investing in younger women. They are to be teaching the things that matter.

No one ever says on there death bed I wish I worked more. No, they say, I wish I spent more time with my family and friends.

How me live our life maters to others.

Youth are not the church of the future and the elderly are not the church of yesterday we are all the church of TODAY.

Our goal is to be people of faith.

What will you and I pass on to the next generation?

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Titus 2:1-8

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