God has called each of us to be followers of Christ.

God still has greater things to be done through His people.

We don’t need a sign, we don’t need a miracle, we just need to go and do!

The mantle of the ministry has fallen to us.

Our job is to do the work of the Kingdom and pass on our faith to the next generation.

We must be faithful.

God chooses common people to accomplish His uncommon plan.

God hasn’t called somebody else to do the ministry He has given you to do.

What is that hinders us from following God? Whatever it is deal with it, sacrifice it and follow Him.

Following Jesus is some kind of journey.

Are you willing to give it all up to follow Jesus?

It’s about alll of us as partners in ministry obeying Gods commandments.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on 1 Kings 19:19-21 “ Learning to Listen to the Still Small Voice”