Last words are lasting words. Leaving our 2017 graduates with a few life lessons.

Lesson One: YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Salvation in Christ includes embracing the everyday awesomeness of our world, whatever that means to you. It’s living a life with a passion, and it’s a vital part of living a life that matters.

Don’t take yourself too seriously… you won’t get out of this life alive.

Lesson Two: Look UP

How many of us have missed out on opportunities to show the love of God because we were too busy walking around looking down at our phones?

You may now have a degree but you are no better than anyone else.

Lesson Three: Every Batman Needs A Robin

God’s people need Godly friendships.

Lesson Four: Be The Strong Man

Build your life on the truths found in the Word of God.

Get into God’s Word so that God’s Word can get into you.

Lesson Five: Be A Treasure Hunter.

Jesus is worth losing everything for.

Jesus is worth following.

Jesus is worthy of worship

Quotes by Pastor T Welch message to 2017 Graduates.