Keys to Prevent Division in the Body of Christ

Paul addresses the problem of division in the body.

When our focus on a person creates division and disunity there is a problem.

We need to remember who we are and whose we are.

We need a proper view of ourselves.

Let no one deceive himself. Don’t think too highly of yourself.

Gods way and mans way are different.

We aren’t as smart as we think we are. We aren’t as wise as we think we are. We can’t fix ourselves.

We need a proper view of others.

No one has all the answers.

Paul, Apollo, Cephas are just men. We are just children of God serving others

God has given us all things.

He has given to us salvation.

He has given to us everything we need to live out the life He has planned for us.

We need a proper view of whose we are.

We belong to Christ and because we are Christ’s He gives us the ability to do everything He has called us to do.

We are Christ’s!

We belong to Christ; therefore, we are to have the same conduct and attitude of Christ.

Would it not be an amazing world to live in if we understood that we are Christ’s?

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on 1 Corinthians 3:18-23