There are some basics in the body of Christ that are important for all of us.

There are more lost people today than there has ever been in history and tomorrow there will be more than there are today.

The Church was evangelistic.

The church must never lose its focus on evangelism.

The church must be focused on evangelism.

If it’s not important to win souls to Christ why bother.

Every believer, every church, every denomination needs to be about evangelism.

Baptism is a symbol of our commitment to Christ.

We as the church are a body of baptized believers.

The church must be focused on the Bible.

The Word of God is the churches one foundation.

The Bible really matters!

We are family.

The church must be empowered.

The Holy Spirit had come upon the church in a real and profound way.

The church needs to be an organization/organism empowered by God.

If salvation is not a miracle than what is.

The church must be unified.

Everything we have is Gods and is to be used for Kingdom work.

What none of us can do alone we can accomplish a lot together!

The church must worship.

There was worship in the home, at the table and in the temple.

Quotes by Pastor Eddie on Acts 2:41-47 “Back To The Basics”

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